National’s Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart scheme will help make homes warmer, drier, and healthier for Southlanders,  reduce their power bills, and provide jobs for local businesses.

We are spending $323.3 million to help insulate and install clean heating in homes built before 2000. 

The scheme officially began on 1 July and gives more than 180,000 homes access to grants of up to $1800.

People living in insulated homes are healthier.  Warm and dry homes also help people with respiratory or medical problems which can be made worse by living in a cold, damp house.

Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart is also providing vital jobs across the country at a time when businesses are feeling the effects of the economic downturn.

Our goal is to have up to 60,500 homes insulated each year by 2012/13.  Visit to find out if you are eligible and to find a local installer.