It has been clear for some time that something needs to be done about those families that end up in trouble because of disconnection between Government agencies.

At the same time, the duplication of resources for at-risk families creates confusion and does not allow an easy and simple resolution to problems.

With the right kind of help, every family can take responsibility for itself. The trouble is that too many families just aren’t getting the right kind of help.

Over the next four years, we’re investing $134.3 million in families through Whanau Ora. Providers will be accountable for what they achieve with government funding, and success will be measured by the outcomes they achieve for families.

National wants to help struggling families take control of their future, and we want to give them the support they need to sort out their lives.

Whanau Ora works with a family as a whole, rather than with an individual and his or her problems.