Today is Budget Day.  By the time you read this the Budget will likely have been read and the implications known.

In last year’s Budget National identified $2 billion of lower-priority public spending to move to frontline services over the following four years.  This year prior to Budget day, we found another $1.8 billion of lower-priority spending. Over the next four years we will move this to higher-priority services. That’s a lot of money we are putting into important areas such as better healthcare, better education, and making our neighbourhoods safer.

We will keep weeding out lower-quality spending. We will also live within the $1.1 billion new spending allowance we set ourselves. This year’s Budget is about doing things better and smarter.

Like a Kiwi household, we must do our best to live within our means, and use the tax dollars to ensure a brighter future.  That’s what today is all about.