Nearly 3000 Invercargill students will benefit from the latest round of network upgrades to prepare schools for ultra-fast broadband.

Broadband is essential for modern schools. It’s great to see this investment in front-line services for the classroom.

Aparima College, Ascot Community School, Donovan Primary School, Glenham School, Gorge Road School, Invercargill Middle School, Menzies College, New River Primary, Southland Boys High School and Waihopai School are among 239 schools across the country sharing the $37.5 million upgrade. This is part of the Government’s $1.5 billion Broadband Investment Initiative.

Ultra-fast broadband will enable Invercargill schools to enhance their teaching and learning programmes, and bring education into the 21st century.

The learning opportunities provided by broadband will assist our young people to reach their potential.

National is working hard to make our education system one of the most connected in the world.