The proposed extension of the 90 day trial period for new employees to all businesses has been welcomed.

For all the squealing from unions, statistics on the scheme show clearly that 75% of people taken on a 90 day trial were retained by the employer.  The scheme has given employers the chance to ensure they have got the right person without risk, and for the employee, there is the chance to get a job.

The latter is quite important.  40% of those employers who have taken staff on a 90 day trial said they would not have employed someone without it.  And let’s face it, the vast majority of employers are not going to abuse this, as it costs them too much to train a new person – this gives them and the employee a chance to ensure they both have made the right ‘fit’.

The scheme is creating jobs, giving people opportunities, and making a difference.  Our largest employer base is small businesses.  They can’t afford to get it wrong when employing someone.  The 90 day scheme gives them the chance to get it right and have a win-win for all concerned.