I was sitting at Rugby Park for the second Shield defence against Wanganui.  With me was the head of the New Zealand Prison chaplains David Major.  I decided to share a story with him which was true and gave some examples of honesty being rewarded which he may have the opportunity to share with some of his “clients”, in the future.

I related an event which occurred about 15 years earlier.  I was at the Les George Oval watching rugby.  When I got home I discovered that I had lost my wallet.  Resigning myself to the fact that it would now be well gone, I was surprised when a young snowy headed boy arrived in my office on Monday morning with the words, “I found your wallet Mr Roy,” Sure enough wallet cash and cards were intact.  When he told me his name was James Wilson I congratulated him and assured him of my appreciation.  I told David Major that that is the same James Wilson playing at number 12 defending the Shield tonight.

When I got home from Southland’s glorious defence of the Shield, especially in the second half, lightning had struck twice in respect that my wallet was again missing.  Panic.  I rang the rugby union who checked my seats. The police who had not had it handed in.  I cancelled the credit cards.

At mid day on Saturday the Police ring.  “We have your wallet,” was the news.  Again some young people had handed in my wallet to the supporters club.  Cash and cards intact,  it’s nice to know that when you don’t misuse your Parliamentary credit card others chose not to as well.

I now want to find these good honest young people who handed my wallet in this time so that I can acknowledge them personally.

If anyone knows who they are, they should contact my electorate office on 218 7749.