From tomorrow, the tax cuts promised by the Government come into effect.

The average family will be about $25 per week better off, the average wage earner about $15 better off, and a couple on NZ Superannuation will get about an extra $11 a week.

The lowest tax bracket will drop to 10.5 percent, and there is an immediate increase of 2.02 percent in Working for Families, superannuation, and benefits.

The 1 October changes are an important part of National’s plan to boost growth,create jobs, and lift incomes.

The tax changes will boost New Zealand’s longer-term growth prospects by tilting the economy towards savings, investment and exports and away from borrowing, housing speculation and consumption.

This is the next step in the Government’s programme to achieve faster growth and support sustainable, higher-paying jobs. In addition, the personal tax cuts-GST switch will leave the vast majority of Kiwis better off.