From Saturday’s Dominion Post newspaper’s interview with John Key:

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett is reportedly well pleased to be named by Prime Minister John Key as the MP he would most like to be stuck with on a desert island – though his reason was not all that flattering. “It’d have to be someone from our side, because I wouldn’t want to spend time with the other lot! We’ll go with Paula Bennett, because I can be totally confident she would do the talking, and I’d just have to do the listening,” Mr Key said during this week’s live chat session on the Stuff website. The question, from reader Blair, proved the hardest in the 45-minute session, with Mr Key staring at the ceiling for what seemed like a minute before replying. His second and third options were Coromandel MP Sandra Goudie – for the same talkative reason he ascribed to Ms Bennett and because she’s a “huntin’ and fishin’ type” – and Invercargill MP Eric Roy, whose practical skills would include finding a way to get back to civilisation.