There has been a lot of un-informed discussion over the proposed Marine and Coastal Area Bill.  There are too many issues to cover in detail in this short piece (will cover them in more detail soon), but I will say the Bill does not “confiscate” any land.   There will be no right to charge for access to marine and coastal areas.

The Bill guarantees certain rights of all New Zealanders – including free public access in the common marine and coastal area, fishing rights, and navigation rights It also protects and guarantees existing use rights for holders of consents, permits, licenses etc, including mining companies and aquaculture operators. It preserves, and in some cases extends, the rights of vital infrastructure providers such as ports, airports and electricity companies.

The scaremongering over this Bill ignores the dog’s breakfast the Labour Party made of this issue with the Foreshore and Seabed Act.  National is fixing that mess.