National is working hard to support businesses to grow and invest to create jobs for New Zealanders. 

Our plan is working.  57,000 more New Zealanders have a job now than two years ago.

The Government is helping businesses employ more people and invest in growing their workforce.  We’ve brought in the 90-day trial period for new employees, which created 13,000 jobs.  We’ve cut company tax to 28%.  We’ve invested $152 million in the Youth Opportunities package including 12,000 places in Job Ops for young New Zealanders.  We’re increasing the number of apprenticeships and training places where we know there are shortages, such as in engineering, or trades like carpenters and brick-layers.

Our on-going Business Growth Agenda will help businesses further, by putting the right conditions in place to give businesses the confidence they need to hire staff, invest, and compete.