2012 has been an extremely busy year.   In 2011 National was elected with a clear plan to take New Zealand forward, and we are delivering on that promise.

We’ve set a target to get the Government’s books back to surplus in 2014/15 and start paying off debt. Despite difficult conditions, and an uncertain world economy, we’re putting the right conditions in place to give businesses confidence to invest, expand, and create jobs. Our economy grew 2.6% over the year to June – the fastest since 2007. There are 65,000 more people working than three years ago. After-tax wages are up 20% since 2008.

We’re delivering better public services. Each year, our hospitals are doing a further 7000 elective surgeries. Our streets and communities are safer, with the lowest crime rate in 30 years.
Have a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.