National promised to clamp down on welfare fraud. As part of our programme to deliver better public services to New Zealand, new initiatives are in place to prevent, detect and catch those ripping off the welfare system. Most beneficiaries are honest and do the right thing, but a small group take advantage of the system.

Welfare fraud is a crime costing New Zealand money. $23.4 million was recovered following 714 convictions in 2011/2012,and a further $18.4 million was recovered from 1425 other investigations.

Governments of the past weren’t strong enough on fraud.  The National-led Government has promised to do better, and is delivering on that promise.

Most beneficiaries follow the rules.  We want every beneficiary to be up-front with MSD, and get their correct entitlement.  If they don’t, they can expect consequences. We will be tough on people who commit welfare fraud.