The National Government is committed to giving great educational options for every New Zealander to realise their potential.

2014 will start with a much simpler vocational training system that is easy to navigate for employers, trainees and educators.

Four years ago we had a highly complicated vocational training system in New Zealand with a total of 39 separate industry training organisations and more than 4500 separate qualifications.

We start 2014 with only 14 Industry Training Organisations.  There is now, for example, just one ITO for the primary sector – down from seven ITOs three years ago.

The number of qualifications at the vocational level has also been reduced. There were 4610 separate qualifications at the beginning of 2011 and this has been reduced by 63% to less than 1750 at the end of 2013. The current targeted review of qualifications seeks to have the number reduced to around 1300 by the end of 2014.